Push on Film: Certified Trainers on Ableton's new instrument


With the first Push units soon to arrive, we’d like to share some videos that illustrate a few of the possibilities with Ableton’s new instrument. We sent some Push units to Ableton Certified Trainers around the world - now we’d like to introduce a new regular series, Push on Film, where we’ll showcase some of our favorite videos of Push.

First up, Keith Mills of Quantize Courses makes a complete track from scratch with Push. Watch each piece come together - using Push’s step-sequencer to programme drums, ‘in-key’ mode to play melody lines that sound effortlessly great, adding effect tweaks, and more:

Next, James Patrick of Slam Academy gives us a guided tour through some of Push’s functions:

Lastly, there’s two excellent melodic performances from Tel Aviv’s Amit Segall and Yehezkel Raz. Amit shows how easy it is to tackle a few familiar melodies with Push’s in-key mode:

Using Push’s chromatic mode, Yehezkel plays the difficult “Flight of the Bumblebee”: