Pianophonie - Custom Electronics Recreated with Max for Live and Push

Kosmieja full setup.png

Adam Kosmieja plays "Pianophonie"

In 1979, Polish composer Kazimierz Serocki unveiled "Pianophonie", an experimental music piece for piano, orchestra, and "live electronic sound transformations". At the time, the electronic elements of the piece were played with custom analog electronics, which would process the sounds of the piano.

Looking to play "Pianophonie" in 2013 was a daunting prospect. As pianist Adam Kosmieja explains, "Electronics required for this composition were almost archaic and nearly impossible to get." To replace these outdated electronics, Kosmieja and electronics collaborator Kamil Keska created custom devices in Max for Live, which were controlled using Push and a Novation Launchpad. Watch a short documentary about the incredible process of bringing this piece to life: