Max for Cats: Advanced Synthesizers - Domesticated


Despite the name, Max for Cats is, in fact, the product of a human with an incredible passion for synthesizers. Ensemble & DiGiTAL, both now available as Packs for Max for Live, represent a lifetime of passion for both hardware synthesis and Max patching.

Ensemble by Max for Cats

Ensemble by Max for Cats

Assemble the Ensemble

Based on classic 1970s string synths, Ensemble captures the spirit of weepy prog rock chords, retro-futuristic soundtracks, and bright disco stabs. Built-in phaser and chorus effects coat the sound in a proper vintage vibe - as a bonus, these effects also come with Ensemble as separate devices.
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DiGiTAL by Max for Cats

DiGiTAL by Max for Cats

Digital Love

With elements of wavetable, FM, additive, and subtractive synthesis, DiGiTAL is a futuristic instrument designed for imagining new sounds. With beautifully-designed, friendly controls, a new sonic universe is at your fingertips.
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Free Devices

Bonus! Grab Gratis Hits, a free pack of devices from Max for Cats. Here's a look at the instruments and effects that come with Gratis Hits: