Max for Live

Gratis Hits

by Max for Cats

Look what Max for Cats dragged in: five high-quality Max for Live devices for free! Including an exceptional organ/additive synthesizer hybrid and several wonderfully executed audio and MIDI devices, Gratis Hits is a gift that will keep on giving.


Bertha 2

Bertha 2 is a polyphonic additive synthesizer with a few extras. With its eight tone generators, and drawbar-style control, Bertha 2 excels at producing sounds reminiscent of vintage Farfisa or Vox transistor organs. The requisite vibrato, chorus and distortion effects, along with the Leslie speaker simulation, let you conjure up all manner of classic organ tones for the garage, the arena, and the church. Going beyond the earthly realm is simply a matter of engaging Bertha 2’s microtonal mode and taking advantage of the device’s full-featured ADSR envelope – fascinating, otherworldly textures await.


Bertha 2

XY Gesture Audio and MIDI

XY Gesture is a fun and useful device that lets you record your mouse movements and play them back as automation data for any parameter mappings – effectively turning your mouse / trackpad into a controller. You can store XY Gesture’s parameter assignments as presets and load them with your Sets.


XY Gesture


Anti-Warp is an experimental performance device for Live’s Session View. Dropping it into one an audio tracks lets you un-warp (decouple from the master tempo) and loop the currently playing Clip. You can mix the warped and un-warped signals, change the playback speed, pitch and direction of the un-warped clip – all without altering the warped clip’s settings.



MIDI Monitor

MIDI Monitor displays various kinds of incoming and outgoing MIDI in a scrolling window. Data is color-coded by type and can be filtered, frozen and cleared. Choose between note name and note number displays. And don’t forget to check out the bonus animation mode!