Make a Lead Sound in Live - Tutorial from Ambrus Deak

A good lead can make a classic track - with just the right cut through a mix and effects movement, you've got a sound for the audience to cling to that's nearly analogous in importance to the lyrics in a rock song. In a new tutorial, Certifed Trainer Ambrus Deak aka AMB demonstrates how to craft a dynamic and fluid lead sound using Analog and Live's effects:

Looking for more lead inspiration? Here's some of our favorite lead sounds - starting fairly recent with Sophie's infectious "Bipp":

Dipping into a classic with Zombie Nation's "Kernkraft 400":

Riding on Hudson Mohawke's over the top sounds on "Octan":

Finally, leaning back with some jungle trills from µ-Ziq's "Hasty Boom Alert":

Enjoy making your own leads - don't forget to check out the tutorial from AMB at the top of the post.