Make a Feedback Synth Using Live's Effects - Tutorial from Skinnerbox

Iftah Gabbai's feedback synth - laser cat optional.

Iftah Gabbai's feedback synth - laser cat optional.

Feedback is a pretty fascinating tool for sound design. With a tiny burst of sound and a delay with a long feedback tail, you end up with a tone that's known as Karplus-Strong Synthesis. In a new tutorial, Iftah Gabbai from Skinnerbox demonstrates how to create a feedback synth in Live:

Download Iftah's tutorial set

Interested to hear more feedback synthesis? Here's "Stiff Neck", from Errorsmith:

And here's a classic piece featuring tonal short delay from This Heat:

Lastly, check out Craig Leon's "Four Eyes to See the Afterlife":

Only until September 23rd.

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