Performances and Introductions - videos from Live 9 & Push premiere events

For the past couple months, Ableton User Groups around the world have hosted a series of Live 9 & Push premiere events, featuring Certified Trainers, artists, partners, and more. We've got a few great videos to share from these events - starting with this post.

First up, the Portland, Oregon premiere event saw Mexican Folk/Mariachi/Rock artist Edna Vasquez collaborate with Ableton Certified Trainer Jeremy Highhouse and Portland User Group organizer John-Henry Dale, both on Push units. Check out the inspiring results:

In recapping their San Francisco premiere event, Pyramind have a very special treat - video of the entire event. If you've missed a premiere or just want to learn more about Live 9 and Push, then make sure to watch these. Here's a clip from the full set below, featuring Ableton Certified Trainers Lenny Kiser and  Timo Preece:

Watch the full event at Pyramind

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