Keychee on Push: Performance meets Composition


It’s always interesting and inspiring to see the diversity of composition and performance techniques among Push users. We recently came across Push ninja Keychee - watch below, and see how his beatmaking process can also be a performance in itself:

Taking a closer look at Keychee’s performance, we see some unique parts of his Push flow. Using the clip stop buttons at the top row of Push, he can make breakdown sections on the fly - things never get too layered.

Clip Stop buttons on Push

Clip Stop buttons on Push

Keychee’s Drum Racks are also interesting - beyond the expected samples, he’s using a loop for the hi-hat, which allows him to use the drum pads and step sequencer as a kind of “swing sequencer” for the loop. The kick drum is also triggering a Max for Live device, which resets the value of the bass synth filter cutoff - Keychee is then free to improvise with the filter, and knows that when the beat drops, it will sit where it should.

Hear all the elements come together in the finished track, “Womania”:

Keychee’s flow is impressive both as a performance and as a track laid out in real time. Try out his set for yourself - download it and get inspired.

Hear more from Keychee: