Free Stuff Friday: Bass and Kick Racks, Vintage FM Multisamples, and Pitch Shifting

It’s Friday, and it’s time for free stuff. This week, we’ve got the sound tools to make your dance tracks hit harder - with a customizable kick and sub-bass, and multisamples of classic FM sounds. Plus, a simple - and very useful - pitch-shifter for Max for Live.


Low End Theory

If you want to make a track that really bangs, you’ll need to get the low end right - that means a properly done kick and sub-bass that really pushes air out of the speakers. In a set of tutorials for Warp Academy, sound designer Myagi shares some tips (and free downloads):

Myagi’s FM kick Rack tutorial.

Myagi’s sub bass tutorial.

Download Myagi’s FM kick Rack and sub bass Rack.


Show Me (Digital) Love

You might not know the names of legendary digital synths, but you certainly know some of the classic sounds - listen, for example, to the classic organ riff on Robin S’ “Show Me Love”:

The sound designers at AudioBombs have assembled a set of three classic sounds from Yamaha’s TX81Z synthesizer - download them and make a new house classic. While you’re at it, put some extra vintage grit on your sounds with another free Rack from AudioBombs and Certified Trainer Brandon Murphy, emulating the sound of E-MU’s SP1200 sampler.

Want even more TX81Z sounds? Try Katsuhiro Chiba’s 1:1 emulator in Max for Live.


(Im)Perfect Pitch

jo.pitchshift gui

Our last free bit of stuff this week is a simple but very useful Max for Live effect for pitch shifting. With an adjustable FFT size (larger sizes will sound better but require more CPU), and a range of up to two octaves above or below the base pitch, jo.PitchShift is a real-time pitch shifter of more subtle adjustments and radical effects.
Download jo.PitchShift

Creator Jonas Obermüller has more Max for Live effects available for free on his page.


That’s it for this week - happy music-making! If you’ve got something to share with us, then please hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ - and don’t forget to use #FreeStuffFriday.