Ableton Educator Quotes

With its intuitive, powerful design, Ableton Live opens the world of music creation to every student, regardless of age and ability in a way that's straightforward and a lot of fun. Read what educators are saying:

Jon Margulies, Musician and Certified Trainer

"What I like about working with Ableton Live is that the opportunity for creativity is available to the students right from day one. Even if they aren't ready to begin composing their own tracks, students can have fun learning the building blocks of good music by modifying loops and doing basic MIDI editing. Because of Live's inherently musical approach, I'm able to focus more energy on teaching important concepts rather than software features."

Jon teaches at Ableton Certified Dubspot NYC.

Martin Delaney, musician (aka Mindlobster), Instructor and author of "Ableton Live 7 Tips and Tricks"

"I think Live should be present in every school--it's such an adaptable piece of software, it can fit in so many situations, and it has implications beyond teaching kids DJing or music composition... it's an art thing, it's a design thing, it's a socialization tool (with its jamming and resampling features); it stimulates an interest in other topics...Live has a lot of potential for teachers..."

Martin's Certified Trainer profile

Mike Huckaby, DJ, producer, instructor, Youthville, Detroit, USA

"Teaching Ableton Live is a blessing in many ways. My students often have questions concerning the process and technology behind how their favorite songs are produced. Teaching with Live brings the possibility of being successful a few steps closer. 'No it can't' turns into 'yes it can' in Ableton Live; an attitude that spills over into the lives of the students."

interview with Mike Huckaby.

James Patrick, Faculty/Development Administrator, Institute of Production and Recording

"Ableton redefines the role of the DAW in the studio...Above and beyond all of the amazing technical capabilities that lie within the program, Ableton stays true to one crucial concept: simplicity. Due to this, fundamental production concepts are more digestible for the young artist than ever before, thus making "h3ing in" to professional audio / video production an easy and exciting process. In a world of infinite editing, mixing, and processing possibilities, Ableton stays streamlined and simple. This is the main reason why teaching Live to my students empowers them like nothing else."

James Certified Trainer profile

Heinrich Zwahlen, Instructor at DubSpot NYC

"Ableton Live opens up music making to people who otherwise might have been easily deterred or left out by traditional schooling. Live's intuitive and improvisational Session View provides instant gratification, and its hands-on control fits in well with our fun-loving gaming culture. It's clear that Live was created by musicians for musicians and is based on a deep understanding of the creative process, encouraging both improvisation and musical planning."

Heinrich's Certified Trainer profile

Karl Bartos, Musician, Producer and Professor at the University of the Arts in Berlin

"For my students, Ableton Live has quickly developed into a universally used platform for exchanging ideas and sketches. These days little thought is devoted to all of the handiwork involved in making loops and samples sync up — everyone assumes that it will just work in Live."

University of Arts Berlin profile

Ernie Jackson, Queensboro Community College

"Using Live in the classroom allows the educator to develop creative curricula for h3erse learning activities such as a song form, music theory applications, and sound design development. I have been using the "Follow Actions" feature in Live to teach classical song forms like the Concerto, Sonata, and Rondo. Because I can take different sections in of a musical composition and assign them different clips, I can now play a "what section is this" game with my students without missing a beat (or groove). I also use Live for ear training with interval chord recognition exercises. Once again - never missing a beat. Sound Design education is much easier in Live with the addition of the video feature and sound generators. In short, you lesson plans become 'Live!'"

Todd Reynolds, Instructor in residence at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Live user, Digital Violin Soloist, member of The Steve Reich Ensemble, Bang on a Can, The Silk Road Project, and a founder and visionary behind the string quartet known as ETHEL.

"Live is my foundational tool for teaching electronic music. From teaching classical performers how to create clicktracks for practicing difficult passagework and how to record themselves, to taking the lid off their conception of what their musical future offers with possibilities in composition and improvisation, Ableton Live is the answer to the age old problem of a blank piece of score paper and creative block, a path toward creativity which provides instant access and ease of use to any level of musician. For me, it has long been the ultimate digital performance, recording and compositional music tool, all in one box and on one screen."

an interview with Todd Reynolds.