What devices do you use in your mastering chain in Live?

I'm curious what Devices people are using to master in Live and what order they place them in the chain?  Cheers!  


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  • todanderson
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    here you can find a mastering rack i did with all ableton devices.


    there is a lot of devices in chain, not all of them are meant to be used at the same time.

    you can find multiband exciter, mid/side compression and exciter, parallel compression to enhance bass, and bob katz style to get a louder signal without compromising dynamics ..

    only thing, to have a clearer signal, for the band separation i should change the eq 3  with an eq 8 and phase inversion. 

    any question, just ask



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  • markos
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    I have usually just used a combination of compressor, multi band dynamics, and a limiter all from ableton live's plug in library.  I use them in that order as well.

    Have found that i gain some fairly good results with this method but definitely received so much needed insight into this topic!

    Great post :)

    3 years ago | 2 comments
  • Hermanus
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    Simply go to Library\Presets\Audio Effects\Audio Effect Rack\Mastering

    and pick Vintage Mastering 2

    it has all you need and is simple, leave the master level at 0db and put the rack.

    I often put low level to +1db and hi level to 1.5db

    3 years ago | 1 comment
  • nebulae
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    I typically use the following mastering chain:

    1. High quality EQ - I use Kjaerhus Golden EQ

    2. Stereo Enhancer - I use Nitro. Be very careful to not add very much or you can cause major phasing issues.

    3. Mastering compressor - I use The Glue, but I've heard good results from Voxengo Soniformer

    4. Mastering Limiter - I've used Voxengo Elephant for years, and I'd swear by it. 

    5. Spectrum - to see what I'm doing and get the optimal audio curve.

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  • modecai
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    I like to make an exciter (http://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?t=40500

    and then add a limiter.

    I keep it pretty simple. I'm not the best at mastering and don't  want to add a whole slew of effects and not know what's really going on.

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  • pablorotter
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    UAD. They have the precision band of mastering.  This is cool because its not an emulation, I wish I could afford it. 

    the SSL flavor. G Bus compression and channel strip and 4k.

    The Neever flavor

    Manley, Shadow Hills,

    Fatso for drum busses.

    I tried this crysonic company that had some amazing expanders but it crashed my computer and they didn't give a refund.  BOOO CRYSONIC. 

    If you want to try one low budget mastering chain try PSP vintage warmer with normal tape and adjust master to taste and Camel Phat for the drum bus.

    Other good software too but PSP used to be the #1 bang for buck, not sure if still the case.

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  • agpanov
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    I use T-Racks from IKmultimedia with TWO parallel EQ - two parallel compressors/limiters, studio reverb and brick wall limiter at the end

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  • brandonvieweg
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    i use the mastering suite(audio effects rack/ mastering...) which has most of the tools you need(spectrum, limiter, compressor, etc.).

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  • DAS Stefan
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    I don't really fancy Live's internal FX, so I use this indie mastering rack:

    Airwindows ToTape - EQ8 on HiQ - Hydratone PEV Classic - Stillwell The Rocket - Airwindows ConsoleBuss - Voxengo Elefant

    Airwindows for vintage flavor, EQ8 for cutting pesky frequencies, PEV for shine, Rocket for paralell compression, ToBuss for smoothness - Elefant for extra loudness and metering

    All the plugs are very affordable and sound beautiful. 

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  • sach160
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    For indie/rock music I really like the flavour of waves plugins - ssl channel, eq and master compresser, followed by the L3 or voxengo elephant. There are good alternatives to waves too, but I don't find live's own plugins to be in the same class.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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