Using The Soundcard Output as an Input for Ableton

So i'm looking to essentially run Spotify or iTunes through Ableton but still have the output come from Spotify, not Ableton. 

I've looked at the other post on the Ableton Forums about this ( and it's gotten me pretty far. I've downloaded and installed the VB-Audio Cable and been using that to route spotify to ableton, then ableton to my computer output, but i've decided it would be best to have spotify split the output to the output on my computer and to ableton so I can use Spectrum in Ableton to analyze the audio, but then turn off the output in Ableton so that the sound is coming directly from spotify.

Can someone point me in the direction of a driver that would allow me to do that?


Thanks dudes.


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    What OS and soundcard are you running. Is it an internal or external soundcard ?

    On Mac Cycling '74s I hear is the route to go -

    On PC if it's an internal sound card on Windows itself you can usually enable the 'What U Hear' or 'Stereo Mix' (naming changes depending on the card) under volume control. This will allow an 'input' device that's actually what's travelling though the card. Remember if you're then using this to record on Ableton to mute the master track or you'll end up with crazy feedback

    External audio interfaces can vary from device to device, but usually they have their own version of the volume mix control which'll let you route the output channel back to the input. Again you usually have to be careful of feedback loops if you're doing this.

    Then on Ableton create an audio track, and click the IO button to select the audio source and choose from Audio in this Stereo Mix (if you've sound travelling through it you can usually see what track it is as the VU meters will be flashing in time to the volume going through them)

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