Using sampler to play samples timestreched?


Is there a way to play samples at different pitch but the same speed (live set tempo) in Sampler or another device? 



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  • vitaminB
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    Just to elaborate on the other answers, here is a nice way to play the warped samples with a midi keyboard

    - Drop the clip on session view and activate Midi Map Mode

    - Select the clip and, using your midi keyboard, hold down the note you would like as your root note (the original pitch of the sample is good, or C3)

    -Without letting go, hold down another note to be the highest note that you will play. Then repeat this step for the lowest note.

    - Release the keys. You'll notice that the midi mapping label looks different from normal. This is a range mapping from the lowest note to the highest through the root note. 

    Try playing some keys... they are all the same length but change pitch chromatically.

    Have fun.

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  • satyratm
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    One way to accomplish this, though a little tedious, at first, is to first drop your sample into the arrange view. Open up the clip view and warp your sample to whereever you want it (1/8 note, 1/4 note, 4 Bars whatever). Then freeze the track. Create a new track and copy (Option+Drag) the frozen original to the new track. This will render it exaclty how it is to the new track as a new sample. Next, duplicate (Cmmd+D) the new sample as many times as needed and use the tranpose function to change pitch on each subsequent sample. Now, freeze this track. Create a new track. Now highlight and copy (Option+Drag) all the new samples to the new track. This is going to create one "long sample" with all your various pitches. Create a Drum Rack or Sampler on a new track. While still in the arrange view select the track with the Drum Rack or Sampler and press tab til you can see it. Now you can drag and drop the "long sample" into the Drum Rack or Sampler and chop it up to individual keys. You can also chop up the arrange view and drag the individual parts to the Sampler or Drum Rack. Another way to chop up the "long sample" is open it in clip view and drop warp markers at the different pitches. Then right click the sample and choose Slice to New MIDI Track. Where it says, "Create one slice per:" choose Warp Marker. This will chop it up for you and place it chromatically on a Drum Rack. Sorry, I know this seems really long, but once you get the hang of it, you'll fly through it.

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  • c016smith
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    Omg FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY this works in Ableton 9.5, in SIMPLER!! You just have to have the slice in 'classic' mode (of the 3 new modes) and it has to have Warp enabled, that's it. Good to go!

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  • daveashe
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    You have to use clips and change the pitch within the clips, there is no other way to do it unless you use a vsti like camel audio alchemy.

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    Another neat way to do this is to

    create a new audio track and drag and drop all the samples you want to use, into it.

    Once the samples are in the track, tune, pitch and warp the samples as desired.  Once this is accomplished, simply freeze and flatten the track containing all the samples you've just edited to perfection. 

    Next, go to File, export Audio/Video, Rendered Track and choose the track containing the samples you edited. Now, simply export them into a folder on your desktop. 

    Next, go back to Session View and create a new midi track and open an instance of Sampler. Drag and drop the previously edited, exported  samples from folder on your desktop into Sampler, then simply assign them to a Keyrange.

    Now, you can play your warped and tuned samples using Sampler, within the context of your overall Ableton Live Session.

    Hope that helps!


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  • cutwithflourish
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    Putting a sample in a clip will allow you to change the pitch without changing the length/tempo (as long as warping is enabled), you can use the transpose control to adjust the pitch.

    Sampler doesn't support warping in the same way that a clip can. It can change the pitch but will also change the length of the sample accordingly.

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  • Da Hotness
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    I am a novice but I have seen/done this in one of the lessons provided by Ableton . You can change the pitch by using the tranpose feature. Click on the sample (not the launch/play button but its name) & it should be seen at the bottom of your screen.CLick on transpose & you can use the arrow on your keyboard. I hope I understood you correctly & hope this helps. (Lessons can be found in the help section)

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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