Is there any way to create new instruments from samples?

I have Ableton Live Lite 8 Focusrite Novation edition, and recently got several samples of sounds I would like to useas instruments. Is there any way to add new instruments using sound files on your computer? I have been unable to find a way yet, although it may be buried deep in the user manual somewhere that I haven't looked yet. Many thanks!


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  • Amaury Ableton staff
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    You may drag a sample directly to the device view in a MIDI track, this will create a Simpler instance with the sample inside, with some default settings.

    You may alter these default settings to your liking, as follows:

    • Load an empty Simpler from the Browser (it is important it contains no sample).
    • Alter the settings to your liking.
    • Locate the following folder in the Library, using the Live Browser: \Library\Defaults\Dropping Samples\On Track View
    • Drag the Simpler from the Device view to that folder, it should save a preset named 'Simpler" there.
    • From now on, dragging a sample to the device view will use this Simpler preset, with your own settings.
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  • antarktika
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    it's not "buried deep in the user manual" that's what "Simpler" is for. look under your instruments folder, you only get 2 devices with lite, drum racks, and simpler, so it shouldn't be hard to find, open an empty simpler, drag an audio file onto it. simpler is a pretty basic sampler though, so you only get one sample, so outside of its native octave, your sound will start to sound artificial and weird.

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