Is there a way to render each individual drum in a drum rack?

I want to render all the files to individual audio files for mixing purposes but I was just wondering if there was a way that I can render each drum in a drum rack. It just renders to one audio file for the whole drum rack. Please help.


Joe Nam3less 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Dead Noise
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    You can go to the session view, unfold the group and drag each individual track out of the group. It will automatically turn into its own track. Way faster than routing.

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  • Larry Dollaz
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    Duplicate the drum rack you want to export for safety purposes

    Expand the drum rack in Session View. Solo the new duplicate drum rack. Go left to right right-clicking on each chain (sub-track) that has action on it. This will keep your order if you had one.

    It will make new tracks at the bottom for each element and the fancy part is that once you do this for the last pad that has an active midi note, the original clip disappears so you know you got em all. It gives all the new tracks the name of the drum rack, not the individual pad name tho so you have to rename before export or get a spicy mess on your hands..

    6 months ago | 1 comment
  • colonp
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    To render each drum, I think you pretty much have to seperate the drums out into seperate channels. To do that you can either drag from a cell in drum rack to an empty MIDI track, or you can open the Chain List and right click -> Extract Chain.

    You should probably backup your original drum rack before starting to split it up.

    2 years ago | 1 comment
  • Eppe
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    @ Dead Noise: I don't think there's a group in this situation, there's just a drum rack. Or am I missing something?

    @ Joe: There's no quick solution that I know of, you could put every sample on solo and then bounce them all one by one, but when you have a lot of samples in your drum rack that would take ages too.

    But are you aware that you can put effects on and edit automation for every individual sample in the drum rack? By dragging the effect(s) you want on the cell in the drum rack that the sample is in you can create a separate effect 'chain' for every individual drum sample (for example you could put an EQ and a Saturator on just the snare, a compressor on just the kick, a phaser on just the hihat etc even though they're in the same drum rack), plus you can automate all of the parameters that show up when you click on a cell (volume, pan, pitch, spread etc) for each individual sample as well. You get even more possibilities when you start automating the parameters of the effects that are on the individual samples. That way maybe rendering each individual drum becomes unnecessary, unless you want to do something really outrageous to every drum sample in the rack? :)


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  • osyrus
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    just to clarify for you, the drumrack is a group of sorts, there's an instance of sampler each time you drop a sample into a key slot. so in the scene view, beside the title of the drumrack in the channel strip there should be a little arrow, click on it and it expands to show you what looks like a mini track for each sample in the rack. if you drag the track/column out of the rack it will automatically create it's own midi track. 

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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