How to loop clips in Arrangement?

I remember at some point I could drag any clip into a slot in Arrangement View, and when I'd press the play button on the clip, it would play all the way through and then loop indefinitely until you press stop. That's not happening for me. I press play and it goes through only once, then stops.

How do I get a clip to play over and over again while in Arrangement View?



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  • tom49
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    Depends where you drop the clip or sample. If you drop it into arrangement view it will only play once unless you make it loop by adjusting the loop brace in the scrub area then pressing the loop switch above. If you dropped the sample or clip into session view and press play, i.e. that little triangle of the clip displayed in Session View called Clip Launch Button, it will indeed loop indefinitely until you press the Clip Stop Button provided looping is switched on which you can check in the Clip View editor window below the Session View slots. 

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  • mylkoa
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    It is not possible to loop clip automation in the arranger as you describe. Here is a thread in the feature request forum. Please bump it to show your support.


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  • Ironlion
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    And here is a thread requesting auto punch out (looper functionality) for clip slots in the session view. Please bump it to show your support.


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