How do i get a louder final mix?

I use a limiter on the master track and that helps, but my final mix is always quieter than other artists. Im guessing its got stuff to do with mastering, but im still not sure. Any tips or help would be appreciated.


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  • Funk N. Furter
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    Hiya, to make a track sound louder involves a lot of things. The simplest is to crank up gain on the limiter. This squashes the sound, but reduces the dynamic range. A professional Limiter like Pro-L will let you get that little bit louder. But a lot of it's down to the EQ used on the track and using the best sounds. You also have to learn about compression. Here is a link on that.

    You could also have a look at this from my website, which has a case study at the end.

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  • XSIMan
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    Tracks on CD or Radio today sound louder

    It's called the loudness war  they use a maximiser plugin and crush  the dynamic range so the song is roughly one volume all the way through. This sounds better at first but it bores the brain after 20 sec.

    They do it for those cheap hi-fi set ups that most people have and because the record lable boss demands it so they sound louder than everyone else.

    The ideal is to use a bit of compression on the tracks that sound too shy so they cut through if it's still too quiet use a maximiser plugin such as FG-X or Pro-L only a bit though turn up your amp if you want it louder and have some dynamic range.


    First fatten the tracks

    with a saturator such as Soundtoys decapitator or  Slate Digital  Virtual Tape Machines, VCC because digital is too clean quiet  and boring. 


    Use a Compressor but only on tracks that are hard to hear such as piano, bass guitar, kick drum. DMG Audio Compassion or Fab Filter Pro-C are the best for this.

    A subtle compressor on the master track can help glue the mix together.

    A tape simulator plugin will add saturation and a little compression and lots of transients Slate Digital VTM is the best for this.


    Still Want it Louder and no clipping? Use a Limiter / Maximiser

    Fab Filter Pro-L can  make it louder and stop it clipping  without too much damage to the transients and less distortion.  Using the included limiter in a DAW / Live will get it louder but with more  nasty artifacts compared to a pro limiter. I was using FG-X but it  is not compatible with large sampled instruments.


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  • LowkeyOG100
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    After you click Export Audio, a box will come, find where it says Normalize. Turn that on. 

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  • harold23
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    The ableton limiter is pretty terrible. The waves L1, the FF PRO-L and many others give you real loud without distortion or aliasing. There are vastly different and totally opposing techniques all over the web for mastering and maximizing tracks. So just do what sounds good to you. Generally though I think you want to EQ the individual channels, then compress wherever possible inside the mix. You may also want to run another compressor on the final channel before the limiter. I find that if you heavy limit the track in just one go the side effect is that the tone changes too (ie you lose some of the bass). So basically try and loudify the track as you go. Or not.

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  • hipsonnyboy
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    I have run the test.  Their is an music industry secret. I have Proof!

    Listen to the ableton track on Youtube. (the track that they use to advertise ableton)

     compared to the track first track you have, the first time you logged into the ableton program.

    (for those who dosnt have this track, try reinstalling ableton) Listen to the youtube one(wich is mastered by pros) it must be same volume and now listen to the Ableton one the first time you open Ableton Program after install. Notice anything?

    Well i do !the youtube track is more thumpy, and compressed, it reaches another level of overall volume . 

    while the one that opens in ableton the first time after install sounds good , but not even close . 

    So fuck what you guys heard. Their is a music industry secret they dont want ous to know about..

    All that money wasted on tutorials, all that time reading how to mix and bla bla bla, everything is misleading , you already know how to mix, you just need to know the right poeple in the industry or get the secret from them. and this is the truth

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