Can I use one MIDI track to control multiple instruments?

Something like Layer channels in FL Studio, where your input goes into one channel that sends it out to multiple channels...I can't seem to find a similar function in Live.  I can find all sorts of stuff on controlling a single instrument from multiple channels, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on controlling multiple instruments with a single channel so they all do the same thing at the same time.  Am I retarded or something?  This seems like a pretty basic and mandatory function for any DAW.


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    Yes, you can control multiple instruments from a single midi track. The trick is in the routing. After you have your initial midi track programmed on (for example) track one, place another instrument on a second midi track, with a new instrument, FX, etc. On the second track, change "MIDI From" All Ins to 1-MIDI. Also, change Monitor from auto to In. This means that the track will receive it's note information from the first midi track. 

    In addition to the above, you can also route the audio output of a midi track to the track input of an audio track. This is very useful if you are trying to save on CPU power after doing some heavy sound design. All you have to do is change the audio from of the audio track to receive the audio from the desired midi track. This is all easiest to accomplish in the session view.

    Check out chapter 13 in the Live manual for a more detailed explanation. The routing options in Live are phenomenal. Check out the potential for group tracks, drum racks, and instrument racks. It should keep you busy for a while.

    Hope this helps


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    This is probably an easier alternative to what I mentioned above: instrument racks. Highlight your instrument, say Operator, and hit command G (Mac) to place the device in an instrument rack. You can then drop in multiple instruments into the rack. To do this right click in the chain list and select add chain and then add your new instrument into the blank chain. You can also simply drag a new device from the browser and place it below the initial instrument. This will add the device into a new chain automatically.
    Instrument racks are very useful and extremely powerful. Each device in the rack can have it's own unique effects, volume, panning, etc. The instruments can also be mapped to the macros of the instrument rack to give you real time control of multiple parameters. It's pretty much limitless. Explore and have fun. If you want, check out this topic on YouTube. Highly recommend dubspot's channel. DJ Vespers and Loudon Youkon are both excellent sources as well.

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    Or, If you are and old guy who has real hardware milt-timbre MIDI instruments you'd like to use with Live, you can make an instrument Rack. Add 16 External Instruments to the rack. Set each one to a different channel, and there's your MIDI fanout box. Nice.

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