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Dominic Au (藝名 Bluedee) 是音樂製作人、DJ 及電子樂器專研者,同時也是一名合成器狂熱份子和音樂產品設計師。他的音樂創作和硬件技術經驗,可啟發他人對音樂的熱誠。他也熱衷於參加世界各地的樂展,緊貼音樂界最新科技。現在是二人樂隊 Polypumpkins 的成員。

English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese
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Dominic 於 2009 年開始使用 Ableton Live 製作音樂,並於翌年成為 DJ。自 2013 年起,他積極參與微電影及廣告配樂工作。此後,他創立了二人電子音樂組合 – Polypumpkins,主要創作 Synthwave 及 Chillout 等類型音樂。

大學創意藝術學科畢業後,他成為了影片製作公司的監製,建立對影片音樂的觸覺。他於 2013 年踏入了音樂科技領域,成為 Focusrite / Novation 的產品專家, 參與香港、國內及台灣巡迴電子音樂工作坊及研討會。在工作坊中,他均以 Ableton Live 配合不同控制器為主要設置。另外,在教學、音樂製作、樂器設計及產品管理方面,他豐富的音樂科技知識佔了重要一環。

Dominic 對於學習及分享音樂科技充滿熱誠,也熱衷於古董電子樂器。他醉心鑽研老牌跟現代電子樂器的傳承與創新,因此,聲音設計成為了他製作的核心。他的背景塑造了他教學的風格,配樂及聲音設計是他的專長。他針對學生不同程度及需要制定教材,同時鼓勵學生一直創作。他的音樂製作及演出都以 Ableton Live、Push 及 Max for Live 裝置為主,而此亦確保學生能學習貼地的應用。另外,為不同學生需要,可提供三種語言的個人及小班教學。

Dominic started producing music with Ableton Live back in 2009 and became a DJ in 2010. He began to score for project films and advertisements in 2013. Shortly after, he formed the electronic music duo Polypumpkins, focusing on electronica music from synthwave to chillout.

After finishing his tertiary education in the creative arts, Dominic became a producer in a video production house, which sharpened his instincts for audio-visual projects. In 2013, he became a Product Specialist for Focusrite / Novation. For several years, a tour of music workshops and seminars took him all over Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan, where he would present diverse production setups using Ableton Live and a variety of controllers.

Music technology is a fundamental aspect of his tutoring, music production and instrument design. He currently designs and manages products in the musical instrument industry.

Dominic is passionate about learning and sharing new music technologies, as well as exploring vintage electronic instruments. He appreciates the legacy and innovation from both vintage and modern electronic instruments. Dominic focuses on customizing lessons to help students achieve their goals and encourages them to be productive throughout the learning process. Ableton Live, Push and Max for Live are at the heart of his setup, for both production and performance, which enables his students to learn real-world applications. Film scoring and sound design in Ableton Live are his specialties. One-on-one and group classes in three different languages are available.

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