Assessing Project Learning

From Creating a Soundtrack 

How to evaluate completed student work will depend on school curriculum priorities and assessment methods. Listed below are different considerations that may inform how you choose to implement student assessment and feedback.

Lesson 1 – Explore and Combine Cinematic Sounds

  • Participation in class discussions on sounds within film trailers
  • Demonstration of active listening skills
  • Musicality of sound combinations

Lesson 2 – Use Images as Inspiration for Composition

  • Ability to articulate ideas and thoughts on connecting mood with music
  • Practical application of knowledge throughout the task
  • Musicality of compositions and how effectively they respond to chosen imagery

Lesson 3 – Compose, Perform and Record a Soundtrack

  • How effectively musical and stylistic conventions have been demonstrated
  • Collaboration and teamwork throughout the compositional process
  • How effectively the graphic score was realised
  • Self-reflection describing and explaining the musical choices made

Consider viewing the elements of this project through the following learning lenses:

  • Collaboration, communication and social skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Critical listening  

  • Technology literacy

  • Creativity and musical exploration

This rubric covers how you may assess students in these areas.