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Guide learners through music-making, exploring music fundamentals and production using a growing collection of free-to-use Classroom Projects. Designed by experienced music teachers, each Classroom Project includes lesson plans, activities and supporting learning resources that can be adapted to suit your learners' needs.

Available projects (3)

Making Music from Found Sounds

Music concrète to hip hop, electronic to pop, artists have been sampling the sounds around them for decades. In this project, students get hands-on experience in recording, sound design and composition using the sounds of their everyday lives. 

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Creating a Soundtrack

For the beginner musician, the music they hear and experience when watching films can be truly formative. In this project, students learn about soundtracks and compose their own using the included cinematic samples and instruments. 

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The Art of the Mashup

A mashup combines disparate songs from a variety of genres to create a new single musical work. In this project students learn about mashups, then create and perform their own using included songs.

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How to get access

Before making the projects available to everyone, we’d first like to invite you to be part of a smaller group of educators to try our Classroom Projects with your students and tell us how you got on. We’ll then use this feedback to continue improving the projects as we expand the collection.

  • All Ableton Classroom Projects are free to use. 

  • The Classroom Projects are distributed as Google Docs and are stored on Google Drive. 

  • To get access, click on the link below and complete the short form. We’ll then send you an email with a link to all the Classroom Projects within 24 hours.

  • You don’t need a Google account to view the projects, but you will need one if you want to make copies of the projects to adapt and edit them.

  • We’d love to hear what you think of these Classroom Projects, whether you have a chance to teach with them or not. You’ll find a link to a short feedback form in each project, which will be open until November 8th.

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