Inspire learners through music-making

Bringing Live and Push into the classroom means teaching young people how to create with the instruments, sounds and techniques widely used in today’s music. It connects what’s happening in class to the artists and the music admired by learners. And it shows young people they can express themselves through their own music.

To make it easier for organizations to access the resources they need to inspire young people through making music, we’re lowering the barriers to getting Live and Push into classrooms, and developing resources to help teach with them.

What are Live and Push?

With its unique Session View, Live is software that’s great for trying out musical ideas and improvising freely. Live is seamlessly integrated with Push, a hardware instrument for getting hands-on with music-making fundamentals – playing and step-sequencing drums or melodies, triggering MIDI or audio loops, even arranging entire songs without touching a computer mouse. Together, they provide a flexible instrument for tactile creation and full-featured software for getting into the details.

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Live and Push in the classroom – what are the benefits?

Teach and learn music fundamentals

  • Explore melody, harmony and rhythm using a multitude of sounds
  • Practice composition and production skills
  • Collaborate and perform together with acoustic instruments, or other electronic instruments

Integrate into your curriculum and support student outcomes

  • Teach individual music course components using Live and Push, or use in most aspects of music or music technology syllabuses
  • Build learners’ confidence, motivation and self-esteem, either within a structured music curriculum or as an extracurricular activity
  • Support curriculum requirements like STEM or ICT, and help learners develop their digital literacy
  • Encourage active and independent learning

Encourage inclusivity and individuality

  • Enable students with diverse musical interests and abilities to learn about creating music within the same classroom
  • Use fixed scale and step sequence modes to help learners with additional support needs – or no musical training – intuitively create melody, harmony and rhythm
  • Help learners of all levels gain a deeper understanding of scales, intervals, chord progressions and inversions with Push’s unique grid layout
  • Provide the perfect tools for exploring more advanced skills such as sound design or composition