Wax to Tracks - DJ Tech Tools Contest Features Five Aspiring Producers, Free Downloads


DJ Tech Tools's Wax to Tracks competition features five aspiring producers from all over the world, looking to take things to another level and working with Live 9. Working through a series of scenarios - from making a track from scratch to mixing a finished production - and with help from select Ableton ninjas (stay tuned for some familiar faces), Wax to Tracks promises to be an engaging competition to watch unfold.

Wax to Tracks isn't just great news for the finalists competing, however - each round of the competition will feature a publicly available resource for the whole community. For the first round, you can download packs of sounds and MIDI sequences that range from stadium-calibre trance to glitchy chiptunes to synth-pop.

Download the sound packs at DJ Tech Tools

Feel like stepping up to the challenge yourself? Grab the sound packs at the link above, then submit your finished tracks to the Wax to Tracks SoundCloud group - you'll be heard by DJ Tech Tools, and you might even just snag some extra prizes.