Vanaprasta: Illustrator

As versatile as Push is on its own, it also incorporates nicely into ensembles of more traditional instruments. Recently, the LA-based indie band Vanaprasta sent us this impressive video of an in-studio performance of their song, "Illustrator". Watch the video below, and look out for singer Steve Wilkin playing Push with the band:

We recently caught up with Vanaprasta, to get more information on their studio and live process, and working with Live. Read below to learn more:


How long have you been using Live with the band?

Live has been a pretty new addition to our band.  We really started to use Live for our writing process, but when we saw the previews for the Push come out online, we were extremely impressed by how Ableton created a piece of hardware that really allowed you use Live like an instrument. It really got us thinking about all the possibilities that are out there with this instrument.  It's a really exciting time for technology and music if you embrace it.


How do Push and Live integrate with your studio process? With your live performances?

I am not sure if we are using the Push the "right way" which is actually what makes this process pretty creative. Originally, it was primarily being used for our live set only, but obviously it's such an amazing writing tool that it has been integrated into our writing process. I love using  something that I don't really know much about, we try to cherish the accidents and that fresh perspective as much as we can whether it's jamming, writing, or picking up new gear.


When you write tracks, do you tend to jam together or come from one band member's ideas?

Our first record was all about the jamming.  Really creating a moment and trying to capitalize on it.  Recently we have been taking time to write songs based on one band member's idea and working on them in the studio.  Really taking the time to be influenced by each other thoughts.  Then we take the songs into the rehearsal room and flesh them out.  We really pride ourselves on being 5 writers, so realistically every song is cultivated differently.


There's a diverse array of instruments in Vanaprasta. How do you find Push compares to the other instruments that you play?

The Push is the brain of our new set up.  Its really fun because we basically can do anything we want and creating tones is something we love to geek out on.   It's definitely comparable to the other tools we have and the endless amounts of audio effects can let you create anything you are trying to replicate on the record.