Tec Beatz: Now we're here

Counting Killer Mike, Nelly and Attitude amongst a growing list of production credits, Tec Beatz is an Atlanta-based beatmaker very much on the ascent. An early adopter of Push, Tec Beatz' workflow combines the flow and immediacy of the MPC hardware he started out on with the software flexibility of Ableton Live.

We asked Tec to do what he does best and lay down a slice of ATL flavor using Push. Later we hooked up with him on a few short videos that go behind the scenes and give us some insight into exactly how he approaches beatmaking on Ableton's new instrument.

In this intro video, we first take a look at Tec Beatz' background and approach to music making:

At Atlanta's Blue Room Studios, we hooked up with Tec for some step-by-step demos of how he makes a beat from scratch on Push. First up, an introduction on using Push's different modes:

Next, the beatmaking starts with the drums:

Now, Tec Beatz is ready to add some melodic parts using Push's Scales mode:

Finally, it's time to take these musical ideas into Push's Session mode, to play a live arrangement for the track: