Shea Rose: Growing with Live

“I was like a kid in a candy store,” gushes Shea Rose on her introduction to Ableton Live. A young and rising talent, Shea’s past year has seen her play shows both solo and with her band, and work with Live as an essential instrument through all of it.

With a background in jazz, blues and rock, Shea initially came to Live for vocals. “As a vocalist, [Ableton Live] is a great tool to build a set and work on a solo performance,” she explains. Shea continues to use Live for making cut-up vocal effects, both when performing and in the studio - such as in her song “Dumb Boys”:

In a solo performance setting, she uses Live to sync up her own tracks with her remixes of other artists, for a mix of different original and sampled parts. Shea’s solo set evolved as she became more comfortable with Ableton Live. “There was a lot of freedom once I got past the idea of just me and a computer on stage,” she says, describing how she came to approach Live more as an instrument. Her sets grew as she learned to, “assign my own voice [to channels and Clips in Live] and trigger it as part of my performance - then mix it like a DJ.”

Even now, touring with a band, Shea still features her solo skills with Ableton Live. “When I start with my live set, it’s just me and my laptop,” she says. “The crowd loves it!”


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