Sequence Effects with the Launchpad - Free Template

With so many buttons available, the Launchpad makes a great physical tool for mashing out effect sequences - all you need is the right template. FxGrid, from Ableton Certified Trainer Yeuda Ben-Atar (aka SideBrain), definitely does the trick. Sequence effects - including Beat Repeat, Redux, Grain Delay and more - plus add some extra tweaks with reverb, delay, and rhythmic gating. You can even time things right with a metronome LED. Check it out in action below: 

Grab the template for free (requires a Launchpad, Ableton Live 8 and Amp)

Yeuda is also working on an APC40 version of this template - look for that in the future. Lastly, here's some bonus beats for Friday - live beatmaking that won Yeuda first place in the recent Novation Showdown: