Saturn Never Sleeps: Elements


Saturn Never Sleeps

Hi everyone, we're Saturn Never Sleeps, a group and independent label dedicated to the celebration of the electric sound phenomenon and all that inspires it. The label provides a home for boundary pushing releases that dance on the edge of the avant-garde, and the blog is our sketchpad for interactive art and music inspiration.

At the core of our productions and live shows we are producer King Britt and producer/vocalist Rucyl. But whenever we play we collaborate with a full spectrum of like-minded artists and VJs, inviting them to improvise live within a playing field of experimental bleeps and vibrations. Ableton Live allows us to create continuous homemade rhythms on the spot. The Saturn Never Sleeps Elements Ableton Live Pack is a palette of loops, sounds, kits and tools that represent the experimental spirit we push for at all of our live performances.

These elements were created especially for Ableton using an arsenal of synths, drum machines, and homebrew sound applications. Some of the sounds have been arranged into scenes, but we invite you to mix and match and create your own sonic landscapes.

The SNS Elements Ableton Live Pack contains:

  • Over 60 loops, beats and sounds
  • SNS Banger Drum Kit
  • SNS Experimental Kit
  • 2 Soul Litchfield Drum Kits
  • Rucyl Vocal Kit

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P.S. The SNS Elements Live Pack is for personal use only and not for commercial use.

Download SNS Elements Live Pack here.

Filesize: 85 MB, Requires Live 8.2.1 or higher.