It’s Epic: Cinematic Percussion from Sample Logic Rhythomatix


Let’s just come out and say it - sometimes you need things to be epic. And epic doesn’t necessarily mean “big” - often, the most epic music builds up with carefully layered parts, towards a massive crescendo. Sample Logic Rhythomatix is an arsenal of percussion sounds and loops for creating these epic builds - whether layered together exclusively, or with other sounds from your library. Preview Rhythomatix below:

From snares with cavernous reverb to synthesized hi-hats to claps that sound like a glacier crumbling, there’s a diverse set of sounds here with the space to breathe. These sounds also don’t hog up too much space - they complement your rhythms, rather than dominating them. If you’re looking to build up your beats for cinematic, industrial, or epic hip-hop tracks, then Rhythomatix is for you.

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