Sample layering, granular stereo tools, and more - new Max for Live devices from the community

Max for Live is an extremely versatile tool - in addition to using M4L for familiar devices like synthesizers and basic effects, it can become a playground for interesting methods of sequencing, chord generation, advanced effects, and more. Looking to the community at, here's a roundup of some of the most interesting recent devices - all available for free download:

gr stereo faker.png

Granular Stereo Faker for Max for Live

First up, Maurizio Giri (you might remember his other devices) has released Granular Stereo Faker, a new device for stereo width using granular synthesis. Check it out in action:


Sampler Layer for Max for Live

Ableton Certified Trainer Tom Cosm recently released his first Max for Live device, Sampler Layer. Place Sampler Layer before a Drum Rack, and set up to 6 notes in the Rack to play together - with individual parameters for each layer so the sounds all sit well together. Watch Sampler Layer in action:


Mandelbrot Chords for Max for Live

Giorgio97's Mandelbrot Chords creates chords that follow an iterative function. Even if math isn't your thing, the device is easy to set up - just insert before a MIDI instrument - and results in some unusual and inspiring chords.


Sick Calculation Tools for Max for Live

Sick Audio's Sick Calculation Tools is an extremely useful tool for making the right adjustments and effects settings for your music. Need to know how much a pitch-shift might effect the BPM of a sample? Working with a delay that won't sync, and need to know what to set it to in milliseconds? Sick Calculation Tools is an easy way to solve for the numbers you need.

Want more for Max for Live? There are currently over 1,300 devices available from the community at