Programming Beats in Live 9 - New Tutorials from Yeuda Ben-Atar and Lynda

A good beat is something you genuinely feel - whether it's dancing, nodding your head, or just getting lost in some killer tom fills. You know a good beat from how it sounds, but do you know how to make one yourself? In a new tutorial series for lynda.com, Certified Trainer Yeuda Ben-Atar shares his comprehensive knowledge of beatmaking. Starting with basic rhythmic theory, then going through various current and classic styles (from House to Dubstep to Juke/Footwork), and finally covering how to mix a beat, it's a masterclass is engaging rhythm. 

Watch a couple sample tutorials below - starting with a step-by-step Drum n' Bass beat:

Next, learn how to make skittering hi-hats for a Trap beat: 

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