Play Vivid Vibes and Marimba in Live

Mallets 1000x1000-2.png

Soniccouture Mallets

Following beautiful multisampled Packs featuring the sounds of the clavinet, electric pianos, Gamelan percussion, and more, Soniccouture present a new take on the marimba and vibraphone with Mallets.


For Marimba, Soniccouture used a Yamaha 6100 model, designed with legendary marimba player Keiko Abe - and recorded different velocities. The nuances of the real instrument are preserved in the pack, and selectable via the macro controls on the Instrument Rack. Moving over to the vibraphone, Soniccouture have achieved something new in multisamples - with samples of its fans both closed and opened and mapped to an LFO, the vibraphone included in Mallets can truly replicate the unique tremolo of the instrument.


Preview the sounds of Mallets below: