Live Packs–10 free Packs by Minus

The Live Sets were made exclusively for Ableton by ten artists from the Minus roster. Each Set comes with a companion Lesson that reveals insights into the artist's musical vision and offers valuable production tips. The Live pack includes material from Click Box, Hobo, Heartthrob & Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc Houle, Fabrizio Maurizi, Barem, Ambivalent, JPLS and Gaiser.

"...after that we switched to the Arrangement View where we worked on the vocal sample, building a little melody sensation with the pitch envelope." –Click Box uses Sampler and Drum Machines

"...take a look at how it all comes together, and modify or build upon it however you wish!" –Hobo uses Operator and Sampler

"...working backwards from our analogue studio set up, we recreated our favorite hardware synths and effects units." –Heartthrob and Troy Pierce use Sampler, Operator, Analog and Drum Machines

"...with this Ableton Live Pack I used various plug-ins to add subtle effects and dynamics to the orignial recorded parts so things sound fuller and wider together in the mix." – Magda

"...I made this little rack to pretty much disable the filter when it's turned down past a certain point." –Marc Houle

"'s my Ableton Pack of 'Daddy Diego,' one of my tracks released on Minus Rec." –Fabrizio Maurizi uses Electric and Operator

" having the experience of performing live with this loop and knowing what people liked about it, I just recorded the whole thing at the studio the same way as if I was playing it at a club." –Barem

"...some of my favorite tools are in here, and they're not all being used in the 'normal' way." – Ambivalent

"...I have arranged four separate compositions using some of my favorite techniques and Ableton's very own high quality drum kits." –JPLS uses Sampler, Operator and Drum Machines

"...this set is an example of how I arrange the parts of finished tracks into scenes for my Live Sets." –Gaiser

Download Minus' Live Pack here

Filesize: 1,4 GB, Requires Live 8.1.3 or higher. Note: This Live Pack will work in Live Intro or Live Lite, but the Sets will be read-only.