Pharrell on Trombone, Kawehi does Radiohead - Watch Live Go Loopy

Kawehi covers "Fake Plastic Trees"

Kawehi covers "Fake Plastic Trees"

We're always inspired by the videos coming from the Ableton community. Lately, we’re enjoying watching Live used for live-looping by solo artists who want to build up entire tracks in one sitting. Here are a few of our favourites that capture this exciting (and sometimes nervous) process. First up, here's Christopher Brill with his trombone-heavy take on Pharrell's infectious "Happy":

Curious to try it yourself? Christopher has the sheet music available at his site.

We've previously featured Kawehi, a talented multi-instrumentalist whose looping performances of covers and originals never fail to inspire. Here's her latest, taking on Radiohead's emotional "Fake Plastic Trees":

Watch more from Kawehi on her Vimeo channel.

Last but not least, Kevin Yost caught our eye (and ears) with his "Live and Improvised" series, in which all music is composed and looped on-the-spot. Each performance is different, but the common thread of infectious, deep grooves pervades every performance. Here's Kevin improvising in the studio:

Want to hear more? Kevin's made his live set from Belgrade's Club Mladost available as a free download.