Gazelle: Chic Afrique



Hi Ladies and Gents,

I am honored that you have taken the time to look into this Live Pack and I have tried to literally "pack" in as much as possible.

I have included two tracks from the Live set that I use with the band Gazelle. This is what we actually use on stage, so let me paint a little picture for you: imagine the funkiest bassist on your left, a super tight drummer on your right, and a crazy Neo-Afro rockstar singer in the front, and then you start to see where this fits in.

For hardware I use an Akai APC40, an Edirol PCR-300 for the synths and a FA101 sound card wired up to a Pioneer DJM800 mixer. I split the track so that the DJ mixer almost becomes a sub-group mixer - and the track plays using multiple inputs.

So what I have set up on the scene view is the two tracks that play in a relatively seamless fashion using the "follow on" feature, and a couple of little pieces of silent audio clips I like to call ghosts. On the arrangement I recorded a performance of something like what we do on stage to get you into the flow. Have a look at that and then try it for yourself by using the takeover mode. You'll see how you can also play the track using either the scene selection or launching individual clips, playing the synth and using the effects and sends!

Of course this will all make more sense with the hardware, so try it for yourself and see how the APC40 has really revolutionized the way Ableton can be controlled.

The tracks are released but currently we still own all our material so feel free to use and sample this stuff as much as you want and let me know if you make a good remix so that I may one day listen to it!



Nick Matthews

Download Gazelle's Live Pack here

Filesize: 143 MB, Requires Live 8.2.1 or higher.