Free Stuff Friday: Dub Delay, Smooth Tempo Transitions, and Instant Glitch

We hope you look forward to Fridays as much as we do - if you don’t, then perhaps you haven’t yet given your attention over to the treasure trove of free stuff available on this auspicious weekday. Without further ado, let’s get cracking with this week’s roundup!



In the video above, you can see Certified Trainer Emile Hoogenhout jamming with Push and ResoDUB, a free Effects Rack for Live. With macros for determining delay time, resonator harmonics, reverb, and more, ResoDUB is a one-stop dub delay shop.
Download ResoDUB


Push the Tempo

Created by Mode Masters and explained in the video above by Joshua Casper, Live Tempo Automator is a Max for Live device that does just what it says on the box. Make a smooth transfer from your current BPM to a new target one, over a specified number of bars. Simple and extremely useful - especially for the more adventurous DJs among you.
Download Live Tempo Automator
Get Joshua Casper's Live Set with Live Tempo Automator


Rage Against the Glitch Machine


Our friends at Glitchmachines are masters of extreme sound manipulation - just see their Live Pack, Microsphere, for evidence. The recently-released Hysteresis is a free VST/AU plug-in effect for glitching up your sound. The signal chain includes stutter, delay, filter, and modulation (chorus/flanger/phaser) modules - now go wreck some audio.
Download Hysteresis


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