Flying Lotus on Ableton Live

After the triumphant explorations of his last album, 2010's Cosmogramma, Flying Lotus' latest album, the just-released Until the Quiet Comes, has been met with major anticipation. In promoting his new music, he recently appeared on Gilles Peterson's show on BBC Radio to play some music and share some stories behind his creative process. He has this to say about coming to work with Ableton Live:

"I've also just really fallen in love with making music again. It feels so new to me, especially because I switched to using Ableton. I feel like I'm finally in a position where I can make things almost as fast as I want to; I can move really quickly, and it's really inspiring. 

"Before, whenever I would sample, the process would be so long to chop things up that it would be kind of discouraging. […]But now, I just feel like I have new life in the studio. I've been making new music, and collaborating with people, and just having fun with it."

Hear the full guest appearance at the BBC site (up until Saturday, October 6, 2012), then check out this short film, also called Until the Quiet Comes, featuring music from FlyLo's latest album: