Dub Machines: Analog Echos for Live

There’s nothing like the gritty character, wild doppler effects, and general warmth of vintage tape and analog delays. For their Dub Machines pack, Surreal Machines have taken inspiration from classic hardware delay units for a pair of devices with analog soul and digital flexibility.

Magnetic GUI


Modeled on a number of legendary tape delay units, Magnetic brings the character of tape delay to Live. Whether you want shimmering, Pink Floyd-style echos, or a building, wobbly feedback tail reminiscent of Lee “Scratch” Perry, Magnetic is a capable beast. With multiple options for tape models and spring reverb samples for an internal convolution reverb, Magnetic bears the true sound of the classics.

Diffuse GUI


Is it delay? Is it reverb? It’s Diffuse, and most importantly, it’s lush and full of character. With a sophisticated feedback network under the hood, Diffuse can create short virtual spaces, otherworldly atmospheric swells, and everything in between.


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