Celebrating one year of - new Max for Live device and Live Set

For the past year, Ableton Certified Trainer Yehezkel Raz has shared his custom Racks, Max for Live devices, and Live Sets on In honor of the first birthday of, Yehezkel has released a new Max for Live Device, Step Melody, which cycles through a step in a sequenced melody each time it receives a note input. You can also use Step Melody in Windchimes, a free Live Set from Yehezkel designed to use a built-in laptop microphone to trigger notes with Peaks & Notes, another device from Check out a beautiful video demo of Windchimes below:

For's birthday, you can download Step Melody and Windchimes as part of a folder that contains every device, Rack and Live Set from the past year. Head to to download, and see instructions on how to set it up as a user folder in Live 9.