CDM on DJ /rupture, Sufi Plug-Ins for Max for Live, and Advanced Ableton Live Meetups at Tekserve

Our friends at Create Digital Music recently put a spotlight on the Advanced Ableton Live Users' Meetups happening at Tekserve, in New York City. These meetups are sponsored by Shocklee, and feature an impressive roster of Ableton Live power users with diverse creative backgrounds. This video documents a meetup from last August, and features DJ /rupture, among other guests: 

Learn more at Create Digital Music 

DJ /rupture also collaborated on the Sufi Plug-Ins with programmer Bill Bowen and a number of musicians and designers earlier this year. The Sufi Plug-Ins are a set of Max for Live devices inspired by North African music - here's a video introduction:

Only until September 23rd.

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