Build a Max for Live Device: Beginner Tutorials from Point Blank

Synth building in Max for Live

Synth building in Max for Live

We've covered a range of Max for Live devices here - from simple and essential modulation effects to advanced sequencers and video editors. Interested in making your own devices? How about modifying some of your existing favorites? While it might seem intimidating at first, you can learn and accomplish a lot by going "under the hood" and patching with Max. Point Blank have produced a new video series about patching, aimed at beginners - no prior experience with Max is necessary. Dig in below with part one, an overview of working with Max and Max for Live:

In part two, you'll make your own first Max for Live Instrument - a synthesizer:

Finally, in part three, learn how to add more controls and automation to your device:

Look out for more tutorials at Point Blank