Bruno Pronsato: Sonic Character

With Bruno Pronsato, it's all about the space in between the sounds. Getting just the right character on a sound can often be accomplished using Ableton Live's Resonator effect. "I am using it to make the in-between interesting," he explains. "If I make a room recording of, say, claps, then I am keeping all of the noise in between attached. The Resonator makes the sounds outside of the actual claps very interesting as it has a sort of vocoding sort of electrifies the sound and strings it along in whatever key you choose at whatever pitch."

Hear a track that exemplifies Bruno's use of the Resonator:

Public Lover, Bruno's collaborative project with Ninca Leece, further uses Live's effects to enhance and modify vocal performances in a live setting. The spontaneous nature is essential for these effects. "It's pretty magical to have all of these [effect options] immediately in front of you," says Bruno. "You can judge from the crowd what sort of vocals they are into. In a techno/house environment it's hard to pull off vocals with class and not come off cheesy. These effects are key to us keeping things in certain bounds – interesting and weird."

Hear a bonus track from Lovers Do:

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