Ben Frost: Hibakusja


Ben Frost


What you are looking at are some of the building blocks from a piece of music I wrote called "Híbakusja" from my album BY THE THROAT. There are many things I like about this piece and it has been very interesting diving back in to bring this to you- particularly the various compression relationships and gain-staging that exist in the work and the way in which shifting them, even slightly, can deeply affect the entire ecosystem of sound (which includes at least 2 sperm whales). There are very few single entities in my music and things have a habit of going red when they get together. (But ask yourself as you trim the gain, does it actually sound better when its in the green?)

I will say this: compression is a dark, treacherous beast and, in sonic terms at least, battling with it is at the core of this record... and this session, among other things is probably a fine lesson in what not to do with it (25:1 at -20dB on a kick drum, for example).

Anyway, make the paint peel off your walls.

Takk. Bf

Download Ben Frost's Live Pack here

Filesize: 142 MB, Requires Live 8.2.1 or higher.