Apple Juice Kid: Detroit


Apple Juice Kid

Hello world,

I got the opportunity to access the catalog of Truth and Soul Records. I have always been a fan so I was excited to get permission to sample their music. I contacted a friend and Ableton expert, Matthew Thomasson (A Drop In Silence), and sent him a chopped up El Michels Affair song. He did the mix on the song as well as some additional sound design and Ableton edits. First we used the session view to organize the structure of the song. We also made a freestyle, MPC- like version for triggering clips with ASCII keys. Then we got serious, and added the Ableton Suite synth layers and effect automation to complete the track.

This song, "Detroit", is intended for a songwriter or possibly on an upcoming Truth and Soul Remixed album.

Thanks so much for listening,

Apple Juice Kid

Download Apple Juice Kid's Live Pack here

Filesize: 500 MB, Requires Live 8.2.1 or higher.

P.S. Please don't make any commercial or free public distribution of this recording, or likeness without the express written consent of Stephen Levitin, Matthew Thomasson, Truth and Soul, and/or Ableton. We do welcome blog/website posts to link back to the Ableton site and/or the artists involved above. Many thanks to John Carey for the video production.