Ambient Guitar in Live - Gorgeous Free Setup from Rishabh Rajan

Rishabh Rajan guitar preview.png

While a bow isn't the first tool you might think of when it comes to an electric guitar, there's a rich history of bowed guitar atmospheres, from the psychedelic slides of Led Zeppelin to Sigur Rós' pristine textures. In a new video, Certified Trainer Rishabh Rajan plays a bowed electric guitar through a Live Set, featuring several send channels of effects, including some dedicated to different frequency ranges:

Rishabh has generously shared the Live Set that he used for this performance - great for processing guitar, synthesizer, or anything else that you'd like to hear dissolve into ambient beauty.

Download the Live Set

Only until September 23rd.

Upgrade from Live Lite or Intro: Save up to USD 100

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