In-depth with SonArte Crystal Sounds and Sound Objects with Huston Singletary

Veteran composer, producer, sound designer and Ableton Lead Clinician Huston Singletary knows what makes for good, usable sounds. In this post, he's shared some of his experience in working with Crystal Sounds and Sound Objects by SonArte - two Ableton Partner Instruments which are available for a special bundle price through Wednesday, August 15. Here's some of his insights:

When I'm working on rhythmic sections and similar foundations for a multimedia score or my own music, I always favor the SonArte Sound Object library. I use the presets constantly to build tension and accent the melodic structure of the pieces I'm working on. One of my favorite techniques is building multi-chain Instrument Racks with a mixture of both the Sound Objects and Crystal Sounds library presets. This opens up a vast world of unusual and fresh results due to the natural tones of the library itself. For a recent demo, I created a 2-3 chain Instrument Rack and tweaked each chain's panning and volume followed by some automation of a single chain's Filter Envelope Velocity parameter. This helped to create a revolving syncopated feel alongside 6-7 additional tracks with both Sound Object bell tones and SonArte pad and shaker percussion style presets.

Hear Huston's demo below: