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Save 20% on Live 11 and upgrade to Live 12 for free

Upgrade to Live 11 Standard and Suite and discover Live’s full potential

Live 11 Standard and Suite give you more ways than ever to make music. See what you get with Live 11 Standard and Suite.

See what you get with Live 11 Standard and SuiteStandardSuite
More of Live's instruments Find endless inspiration to design your own sounds with Live's wavetable, FM, physical-modelling and sampling-based synthesizers. 617
More of Live's Audio effects Tweak, sculpt or completely destroy your sound with professional effects such as the Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Resonator, Spectral Time, EQ Eight, Echo, Drum Buss, Pedal, Glue Compressor, Spectrum Analyzer and many more. 3659
More of Live's MIDI effects Live 11 Suite includes additional MIDI effects: MPE Control, LFO, Envelope, Envelope Follower, Shaper, Expression Control, Note Echo and MIDI Monitor. 1315
More Packs Live 11 Suite gives you the widest range of sound possible. Inspired by Nature is six playful instruments and effects that use natural and physical processes as their inspiration. Curated Collections capture the musical threads that tie together evolving styles and scenes. Plus, a new set of Packs from Spitfire Audio capturing the intimate sound of orchestral chamber instruments. 833
More sounds Live 11 Suite gives you over 70 GB of professional sounds—from multisampled pianos and acoustic instruments to vintage drum machines and classic synths, plus sampled loops in a variety of contemporary styles and more—ready to use in your productions. 1800+ Sounds / 10 GB5000+ Sounds / 70 GB
Max for Live In Live 11 Suite, you can install any Max for Live device or build your own to create a completely customized workflow. ExcludedIncluded
Unlimited tracks and scenes Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and unlimited scenes mean Live can handle even your biggest projects with ease. IncludedIncluded
More inputs and outputs 256 audio input and output channels as well as 12 send and return tracks let you get creative with signal and effect routing. IncludedIncluded
Advanced audio treatment Slice audio to a Drum Rack or Sampler instance or use Audio to MIDI to extract harmony, melody or drums from an audio sample and convert it to MIDI. IncludedIncluded
Discounted upgrade pricing Save big when compared to buying a new Ableton Live Standard or Suite license. IncludedIncluded

Upgrades to Standard or Suite cost less than a new license.
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Live 11

Fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance.

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Live 11

Complete studio – 70+ GB of sounds and all devices

Save 20% on Live 11 now and get Live 12 for free

Live 11

Full features – 10+ GB of sounds and more devices

Save 20% on Live 11 now and get Live 12 for free

Live 11

Essentials – 16 tracks and 5+ GB of sounds

Save 20% on Live 11 now and get Live 12 for free

Offer Terms & Conditions: Save 20% on Live 11 now, upgrade to Live 12 for free


  • The 20% discount offer is valid for all Live 11 licenses and upgrades (including upgrades from educational licenses*), Live 12 pre-orders, Packs and cross-grades to Max 8 purchased during the campaign. 
  • Between November 14 and November 30, 2023, a 20% discount is also available on Push 3 (standalone).
  • Within the offer period, purchases of Live 11 Intro, Standard and Suite, with or without Push, also include a free upgrade to the equivalent Live 12 edition – to be issued upon release.


  • This offer is valid from November 14, 2023 until the release of Live 12 on March 5, 2024. For purchases of Push 3 (standalone), the offer is valid only until November 30, 2023.
  • If you purchased a Live 11 license after October 15, 2023 you should have received an email notification that a free upgrade to Live 12 has been added to your Ableton account. Please log in to see your products.
  • If your free Live 12 upgrade isn’t showing in your account, or you have any further questions about the discount offer, please get in touch.
  • If you’re logged in to your Ableton account, the webshop will show your discounted prices and upgrade options. Final prices may vary depending on your country of residence. You can learn more about our accepted payment methods.

Excluded products

  • Note
  • Push 3 (without a processor)
  • NFR licenses (Not For Resale)

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*Please note that the 20% discount offer can’t be combined with other discounts, such as the educational and multi-license discounts.