Go for more: upgrade to Live 9 Standard or Suite. Realize your full music-making potential.

Live 9 Standard and Suite give you more sounds, more effects, more instruments and more ways than ever to get creative with your music. Upgrade now to get all the pro features of Live 9 Standard or Suite for a seriously great price.

Upgrade now

10 good reasons to upgrade.

Move up to Live 9 Standard. Inspire your creativity with more features, sounds and possibilities. Live 9 Standard includes:

  • Unlimited tracks and scenes

    Expand the canvas for your creativity with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and unlimited scenes - as many as your computer’s CPU can handle.
  • Audio to MIDI

    Live 9’s Harmony-, Melody-, and Drums-to-Midi tools can extract natural-feeling MIDI directly from your favorite music.
  • The latest effects

    Get the sound you want with professional grade effects such as the Glue Compressor, Dynamic Tube, EQ Eight, Vocoder, and many more.
  • More sounds

    Live 9 Standard comes with 11 GB of production-ready sounds - providing everything from pianos to vintage drum machines, sampled loops and more.
  • More inputs and outputs

    Live 9 Standard allows for up to 128 audio input and output channels as well as 12 send and return tracks. Record the whole orchestra and go wild with effects.
  • External Instruments and Effects

    Use everything you’ve got in your studio and control it from within Live. Easily integrate hardware synthesizers and effects into your projects.
See the possibilities Harmony, Melody and Drums to MIDI creates.

Get the most out of Live 9 with Suite. Unlock the full potential of Live with a huge array of features and sounds. Live 9 Suite includes:

  • 5 synths and 3 samplers

    Live 9 Suite comes with powerful physical-modelling, FM and sampling-based devices for endless inspiration and sound design with no limits.
  • 390 drum kits

    A wide selection of ready-to-use drums and percussion sounds is included. Get everything from classic drum machines to multi-sampled acoustic drum kits.
  • 25 Packs

    Suite includes over 3000 high-quality sounds: vintage synthesizers, acoustic instruments, plus unique combinations of sampling, effects and synthesis.
  • 4000 loops

    Versatile audio and MIDI patterns that cover everything from vintage soul to hip-hop, electronica and beyond - ready to use in your productions.
  • Max for Live

    Max for Live comes with a powerful arsenal of devices - including a convolution reverb, drum synth and step sequencer - as well as the tools to build your own.
  • Plus everything from Standard

    All the instruments, effects, sounds, and features of Live 9 Standard are also included in Live 9 Suite.
New creative tools in Live 9 Suite

Save up to USD 100 / EUR 70 compared to buying a new license. Buy Push with your upgrade and save even more.

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