Max for Live

Slink Devices

by Hypnus Records

Slink Devices is a fascinating collection of Max For Live devices modelled on the natural movement of water. Generate head-spinning spectral effects, subtle analog-style modulation and evolving, unpredictable melodic ideas, all controlled by the uniquely flexible Slink wave engine.

USD 79

Developed by Hypnus Records’ founder Michel Iseneld and Alexander Berg (Dorisburg), in collaboration with Chaos Culture, this Pack contains three devices – Slink Filter, Slink LFO / Slink LFO CV, and Slink MIDI. Just as a body of water can go from calm, undulating ripples to wild and unpredictable whitewater, these devices can transform sounds in both gentle and dramatic ways.

Slink Filter

Slink Filter is a creative filter bank comprising 32 bandpass filters, whose amplitude is automated by the movement of the Slink wave engine. Add some analog-flavored drift and wobble to a basic synth patch through gentle modulation of the frequency spectrum or delve into the Advanced tab and create captivating, ever-changing spectral stereo morphing effects.

Slink LFO / Slink LFO CV

Slink LFO uses the Slink wave to generate distinctive, interconnected modulation. With 16 modulation signals and 32 possible outputs, it’s possible to modulate almost any parameter in a project and tweak it with a few simple controls. External MIDI input from another track can trigger the LFO’s Sample & Hold section to accentuate an existing synth line’s musicality, for example, while the CV version uses those same diverse modulation signals to control your CV-enabled outboard gear.

Slink MIDI

Slink MIDI is a complex note generator and sequencer controlled by two independent Slink wave engines. The first wave triggers notes above a set threshold, while the second modulates their pitch within a chosen musical scale. Set the scale and root note to work in and add emphasis to particular notes and harmonic intervals with the Color knob. Play around with note trigger speeds using the 16 clock dividers, each with a choice of three trigger conditions, to create complex sequences with organic rhythmic feel.

USD 79