Max for Live


by Adam Rokhsar

RokVid is a powerful video solution for live music performers. Designed with simplicity in mind, RokVid makes easy work of generating captivating video that dynamically reacts to your sound.

Video for Musicians

You don’t need to be video-savvy to use RokVid and bring entertaining visuals to your live set with minimal pre-production. Drag in a folder of movies, adjust a few controls, and your video begins to take on a life all its own. RokVid puts engaging video content on autopilot so that you can focus on your live performance.


Modulations Galore

With loads of tweakable parameters, RokVid makes it super simple to generate interesting effects from all types of video material. Many parameters can be modulated by aspects of your music. For example, use bass frequencies to warp your video or use volume to crossfade between video sources. You can also automate all modulation destinations using standard LFO waveforms.

Make Connections

RockVid easily interfaces with an external or built-in camera. You can then crossfade between your playback movie and a live feed.

Watch a video overview of RokVid below:


About the Developer

Adam Rokhsar is an artist, programmer, and psychologist who lives in New York City. He has built interactive installations with eight year olds, worked as Director of Interactive Technology at Harvestworks, and has taught hundreds of classes throughout the country, including Bennington College and New York University.

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